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5 benefits of acting classes

Kids love to use their imaginations. They like to play make believe, dress ups and get lost in imaginary worlds. It's well known that imagination and creativity hold the keys to more success in life and work. How can we hone and nurture these skills in our kids so that they don't lose the magic as they get older? Acting classes of course!

Here are 5 reasons why we recommend acting classes for kids.

1. Confidence

Acting teaches confidence in making choices and being spontaneous. Kids these days are under a lot of pressure with school and out of school activities that sometimes they lose that confidence. Acting teaches them to trust their instincts and be confident in making and presenting decision. This is usually achieved through improvisation games and as they get older, script work.

2. Better speech and use of voice

Acting helps kids enunciate, project and speak clearly. This is hugely beneficial for kids at school during speeches, debates or even assemblies and performances. Kids learn how to trust their voice, speak loudly and speak boldly. It also helps them in social settings where some kids may tend to be shy. Kids who do acting classes are usually the loudest of the bunch!

3. Team work

Acting helps kids understand how to work with others on two levels. Firstly, a good acting class will use team building and ensemble exercises to get kids working together to create an end product they are proud of. This may be an improvised scene, a script or a play. Secondly, kids learn how to identify social and emotional cues from others by being put in these situations. They learn how to co-operate, take care of their team members and be great leaders.

4. Thinking outside the box

Playing make believe forces us to think outside the box. In an age where we are ruled by our online worlds, using our own imaginations to come up with ideas is getting harder. Acting classes for kids can help them retain this wonderful skill. Kids learn how to take an idea and expand on it as much as they possibly can. This can be done by creating characters, creating worlds and creating situations. Improvised exercises, scene building and script work embodies these skills in a fun way for kids.

5. Fun

Acting classes for kids is fun! It is a wonderful way for them to expend their energy, shake off a hard week of school and have a laugh. Kids come up with some of the wildest and funniest ideas in acting class. Trust us, we know. Sometimes we aren't sure who is having more fun, the kids or their teachers!

At Dare To Shine, we strive to embody these 5 qualities in all our acting classes. We love to see the kids reap the rewards of what acting class can offer.

If you're looking for an activity to help your child with their imagination, creativity and confidence, consider signing them up!

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