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Top 10 traits of a great dance school

In the age of 'Dance Moms' and 'Dancing With The Stars', the spotlight is on the world of dance and dance studios! Dance studios are not hard to find, the question is - how do you know if the studio is right for you and your aspiring dancer? If you're looking for a quality dance school and are not sure how to go about it then read on.

1) All staff and the studio owner have recognised dance teaching qualifications and a working with children check.

2) Safe dance practice is followed at all times and difficulty of the class is appropriate to the age group

3) Classes are held in an airy open space with good cooling and heating facilities.

4) Only age appropriate music and choreography is used.

5) Open days are provided for parents to view their child's progress.

6) Communication and administration is well structured and accessible to parents.

7) Classes are technical and fun at the same time and focus on developing skills and passion

8) Staff are active in the industry either as performers, examiners, educators or choreographers.

9) Opportunities exist for career minded students to attain international and national qualifications in dance.

10) Minimum fuss concert in a professional venue with a reasonable costume budget and reasonable ticket prices.

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